Your new-mum exercise workout – saddle up buggy exercise

Tighten up your thighs with this postnatal exercise.


The saddle up postnatal exercise is from Pushy Mothers, the Buggy Workout creators. They designed it exclusively for our sister publication Practical Parenting & Pregnancy magazine. All you need is your buggy – having your baby in it is optional!


What it does: Tightens up the outside thighs and aids pelvic stability.

Get set: Stand with feet hip-width apart, facing the buggy with both hands resting on handles, spine in neutral (see box on right). Point one leg out to the side, keeping the supporting leg straight but not locked.

Action: Breathe IN to prepare, and as you breathe OUT, pull your tummy in and slowly lift your pointed leg up to the side without letting your pelvis tip sideways. Breathe IN to lower the leg, but keep the weight on the supportingleg. Do 2-3 sets of 8 repetitions.


  • Keep your upper body straight and don’t let it tilt to either side.
  • Keep both feet pointed towards the buggy.
  • Progress by raising the leg higher.
  • Caution – stop immediately if you experience any discomfort in the pubic bone or lower back.

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