9 of the biggest jaw-drop parenting stories of 2017

Looking back at some of the stories that made the headlines - BIG TIME!


From incredible bump shots to a walking newborn baby and Kirstie Allsopp with ‘washing-machine-gate’.


Yep, these stories about pregnancy, parenting and family life caused a right old stir this year.

Our 9 jaw-drop parenting moments of 2017 are…

1. Beyonce’s twin bump pregnancy shoot


It became the most ‘liked’ photo on Instagram this year (more than 11 million people giving it the thumbs up) and perhaps one of the most parodied. Subtle, low key? Not so much. The world LOVED it.

Here’s what we wrote when the images dropped

2. The amazing ‘walking’ newborn baby


The vid of a new baby in the delivery room notched up a staggering 85 million views ?

What’s actually going on is a pretty common step reflex but it’s still incredible to watch.

More on the incredible walking newborn baby

3. The British Dame who became a mum for the first time at 64


Dame Juila Peyton-Jones stunned the art world when she announced she was to become a mum for the first time well into her 60s back in January.

She didn’t disclose whether her daughter was born via surrogate, IVF or some other means.

Read the full story

4. The mum who admitted she hypnotises her kids to get them to do stuff


Tempting as it may sound, we weren’t entirely convinced this would be considered a totally ethical thing to do to get your kids to behave.

But this mum reckons it was all OK: “Hypnosis and parenting is a natural solution. You naturally influence your child anyway, let’s learn how to do it with intention.” Whoa.

Read the full story

5. Jamie Oliver wanting to ban the school cake sale


Hold the lemon drizzle cake! Our jaws hit the floor when spokespeople for the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation said the humble school bake sale was sending the wrong message about food out to kids ?

We love you Jamie, but this was seriously a step too far…

Read the full story

6. Sarah Stage’s 9 month pregnancy bump


We’ve followed fitness guru Sarah Stage’s pregnancy from day 1 – and every pic left us floored. Yep, this is her NINE MONTH BUMP. Truly amazing!

More Sarah Stage pregnancy pics

7. Kirstie Allsopp and THAT ‘washing machine in the kitchen’ tweet


Never in the history of Twitter – or kitchens – or washing machines – have we seen a barney like this one, started by TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp. 

She deemed it ‘disgusting’ to have a washing machine in the kitchen. And most of us asked where it was supposed to be… in the west wing, perhaps?

Read what the mums in our forum thought about Kirstie’s tweet

8. That’s Not My… pyjamas revealed


Mothercare announced it would be working with Usborne Books to make PJs out of the beloved That’s Not My…. series of Touchy Feely books. And Facebook exploded.

But when can you get them and how much will they cost?

9. Kate Middleton and Prince William expecting baby number 3


Just for the fact she had debilitating HG with both previous pregnancies, we thought Charlotte might be Kate’s last baby.

But there’s another royal baby coming in Spring next year, just in time for Meghan and Prince Harry’s Big Day.

Kate Middleton debuts baby bump no 3

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