15 chicken recipes for babies

Chicken can be a great, tasty, protein-packed staple in your baby's diet. And we've got some great, colourful recipes you can introduce to the highchair tray from weaning to 12 months

sweet and sour chicken

Versatile, easy to cook and mild in flavour, chicken is an ideal choice when it’s time to introduce meat into your weaning baby’s diet. Chicken is a good source of growth-boosting protein and it combines well with baby-weaning staples, including vegetables, pasta, rice and fruit.

The texture of chicken will be a new sensation for your baby: make sure you cook the chicken until it’s nice and tender, and therefore easier to eat. You’ll probably also want to puree it initially, especially if your baby has no teeth and isn’t used to lumpier, chopped-up food.

Be mindful, too, to pay attention to all the usual hygiene rules around cooking raw meat: always ensure that it’s cooked thoroughly and then left to cool before serving it to your baby (or if you’re reheating, that you heat till it’s piping hot before leaving it to cool), and always wash your hands thoroughly after handling raw chicken.

Here are our top 16 chicken recipes for babies, suitable from 6 months+

1. Chicken with sweet potato, swede and carrots


A hearty combination of baked chicken breast and a trio of steamed root vegetables. Suitable from 6 months.

2. Simple chicken casserole


A traditional dish, made effortlessly tasty by adding a Heinz Cook At Home stock cube to your chicken, potatoes, onion and carrot mix. Suitable from 6 months.

3. Chicken, cheese and courgette mash


A dead simple nutritious cheesy chicken breast mash-up that takes scores extra vitamin and fibre points with the addition of 1 cheeky courgette. Suitable from 7 months.

4. Chicken and mango mash with veggies


The mango, carrot and parsnip all add different touches of sweetness to steamed or roasted diced and mashed chicken. Suitable from 7 months.

5. Chicken and couscous hotpot


A veggie-packed dish using chicken mince, which you can substitute for diced chicken breast as your baby gets older and more accustomed to chewing. Suitable from 7 months.

6. Chicken and root vegetable mash


This simple mash, with a cheesy twist, is a great way to use up leftover chicken meat. Suitable from 7 months.

7. Sweet and sour chicken


This wok-fried dish is one of our family favourites: definitely make enough for Mum and Dad, too!  Suitable from 9 months.

8. Chicken and apple


A super-simple chop and chuck in the pan recipe. You can use pear instead of apple, for a different fruity flavour. Suitable from 9 months.

9. Chicken and lentil stew


Chicken and lentils make a tasty, protein-rich combo – flavoured here with a subtle touch of thyme and tarragon. Suitable from 9 months.

10. Chicken and cheese enchiladas


A Mexican-inspired dish that we like a lot: the recipe makes enough for adults, too. Hurray! Suitable from 10 months.

11. Chunky vegetable chicken


This one’s packed with 4 different veggies and can be mashed up for the lump-averse. Suitable from 10 months.

12. Rainbow pepper chicken


A colourful stir-fry to serve with pasta, noodle or rice. Suitable from 10 months.

13. Homemade chicken dippers and tomato sauce


Combine mealtimes with a little fine-finger-control practice by encouraging your baby to pick up the oven-baked crunchy chicken pieces and dip them in the tomato sauce. Messy but fun! Suitable from 11 months.

14. Chicken stir fry


Rice, chicken and a whole lot of veg: nutritious and very colourful. Suitable from 11 months.

15. Homemade chicken nuggets


No added salt or fat makes these a much healthier option than shop-bought. Makes 12 to 15 nuggets to serve whole as finger food or chop up. Suitable from 11 months.