50 Vegetable Recipes for Baby

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Recipes packed with vegetables to help your weaning baby and toddler get their 5 a day. Quick and easy with just a few ingredients.

vegetable baby recipes

With a whopping 50 vegetable recipes we make it easier to find a dish that incorporates some vital nutrients into meal time.

Meeting the 5 (or more!) a day your child needs is vital for their growth and development. These recipes include loads of veggies which will get you through meal times from early weaning until 12 months and beyond.

The recipes may include meat and dairy, however there are also vegetarian, vegan and dairy free options. In many cases, you can make some simple substitutions (e.g. olive oil instead of butter) to make the recipe dairy free or vegan.

Here are 50 Vegetable Recipes for Baby…

Vegetable recipes for first weaning from 6 months

1. Carrot and cauliflower cheese with rice


With just a few ingredients, this easy baby rice recipe has nutrient packed vegetables. Suitable from first weaning.

2. Butternut squash and carroty mash with thyme


Chose from butternut squash, swede or pumpkin for this veggie packed recipe flavoured with thyme. Suitable from first weaning.

3. Spinach and roasted carrot puree


Tender roasted carrots are blended with spinach to make this vegetable puree. Suitable from first weaning.

4. Parsnip and pea puree


Softened parsnips meet freezer staple frozen peas for this simple yet delicious vegetable recipes. Suitable from first weaning.

5. Pear and swede puree


Root vegetables and fruit meet in this pear and swede recipe that sure does taste good. Suitable from first weaning.

6. Courgette and cauliflower puree


This double-veggie whammy is a winner. Courgette and cauliflowers softened and pureed make this simple recipe a perfect introduction. Suitable from first weaning.

7. Cheesy vegetable medley


Pureed potato, broccoli and carrot make this recipe a vegetable winner! Suitable from first weaning.

8. Butternut squash and banana puree


This winning fruit and veg combo see butternut squash meet bananas – and it works oh so well! Suitable from first weaning.

9. Butternut squash puree


Butternut squash roasted with a drizzle of olive oil. This puree is packed with vitamins. Suitable from first weaning.

10. Sweet potato puree


A simple, naturally sweet recipe that introduce the flavour of this wonderful root vegetable. Suitable from first weaning.

11. Broccoli and sweet potato puree


Sweet potato and broccoli add colour and flavour to the recipe for baby. Suitable from first weaning.

12. Butternut squash and apricot puree


Tender butternut squash is pureed with dried apricot for a quick and easy meal options. Suitable for early weaning.

13. Fruity pork and vegetables


Vegetables, apricot and pork combine for this flavoursome meal bursting with flavour. Suitable from 6 months old.

14. Sweet potato and lentil puree


Delicious sweet potato with added protein from the lentils. Substitute the butter with olive oil for a vegan and dairy free version. Suitable from 6 months.

15. Cheesy carrot, parsnip and potato puree


Tender root vegetables meet cheese in this flavoursome meal option. Suitable from 6 months.

Vegetable recipes for babies between 7 to 9 months old

16. Easy tomato pasta sauce


This staple recipe can be used on pasta or on pizza and in lasagne. Tomatoes are a great source of vitamin C. Suitable from 7 months.

17. Chicken and mango mash with veggies


Parsnips work perfectly in this chicken and mango recipe. Suitable from 7 months.

18. Mediterranean roast vegetables with cous cous


Mediterranean flavours from roasted courgette and sweet potato make this cous cous dish a meal time winner. Suitable from 7 months.

19. Plaice and sweet potato mash


A fish dish with vegetable flavours from sweet potatoes and cherry tomatoes. Suitable from 7 months.

20. Turkey stir fry


Mushrooms, carrots, onion and broccoli make this turkey stir fry recipe packed full of delicious vegetables. Suitable from 7 months.

21. Chicken, cheese and courgette mash


Courgettes are a source of vitamin A and add flavour to this chicken dish. Suitable from 7 months.

22. Salmon, peas and broccoli


The peas and broccoli perfectly compliment the flavour of the salmon making this dish a healthy meal option for baby. Suitable from 7 months.

23. Chicken and cous cous hotpot


Packed with a selection of veggies including carrots, courgettes and parsnips, this cous cous recipe is full of flavour. Suitable from 7 months.

24. Pork and green beans


Green beans add colour and flavour to this pork recipe. Suitable from 7 months.

25. Cod, sweet potato and sweetcorn chowder


Filling chowder that incorporates vegetables sweet potato and sweetcorn. Suitable from 7 months.

26. Cherry squash chicken

cherry squash chicken baby recipe

Cherry tomatoes and butternut squash are bursting with flavour – making this chicken dish a veggie packed winner. Suitable from 7 months.

27. Aubergine and red pepper curry


Veggie curry option that you can spice up a little more so that that the rest of the family can enjoy too. Suitable from 7 months.

28. Salmon, tomato and pepper couscous


Red or orange peppers and cherry tomatoes add a Mediterranean twist to this tasty recipe. Suitable from 7 months.

29. Cheesy pasta with broccoli


Add broccoli to this easy cheesy pasta recipe for a perfect meal time dish. Suitable from 7 months.

30. Baked sweet potato chunks


This simple recipe can work in so many ways. Great with houmous or as a side dish. Cut into finger food sized chunks. Suitable from 8 months.

31. Secret veggie pasta sauce


Sometimes you need to hide the veggie to get them in! This recipe includes tomatoes, leeks, courgettes, peppers and carrots – your little one will be none the wiser. Suitable from 8 months.

32. Cheesy sweetcorn fritters


Sweetcorn is one of just 5 ingredients to make these easy, tasty fritters. Suitable from 8 months.

33. Sweet potato and tuna pasta


A savoury dish with sweet potato, tuna, cheese and pasta stars – make meal time full of flavour. Suitable from 8 months.

Vegetable recipes for babies from 9 to 12 months old

34. Roasted veggie kebabs


A colourful medley of mushrooms, peppers and courgettes seasoned with a balsamic vinegar marinade. Suitable from 9 months.

35. Pasta, carrot and lentil soup


A vegetarian option with lentils for added protein. This dish carrot and celery and can be made with chicken or vegetable stock. Suitable from 9 months.

36. Potato, Carrot and Courgette Rosti


Grated carrot, potato and courgette and formed into patties for this vegetable recipe. Can work as a side or main dish. Suitable from 9 months.

37. Mini jacket potatoes with ratatouille


Tasty mini jackets are packed with a veggie ratatouille filling. Suitable from 9 months.

38. Lancashire Hotpot


Comfort food at its best. Carrots and potatoes add a vegetable flavour to this classic recipe. Suitable from 9 months.

39. Baby beef and broccoli stir-fry


Brocolli and beef are a winning combination. This stir fry recipe is quick and nutritious with added bursts of colour from red or yellow peppers. Suitable from 9 months.

40. Oven-roasted veggie sticks


Roast root vegetables such as sweet potato, swede parsnips and carrots are served with roasted peppers for some delicious finger food. Suitable from 9 months.

41. Sweet and sour chicken


Peppers and green beans are a welcome veggie addition to this family favourite recipe. Suitable from 9 months.

42. Pasta with cream cheese and peas


Frozen food staple, peas, work wonderfully in this quick and easy pasta recipe. Suitable from 10 months.

43. Salmon and red pepper bake


Broccoli and red pepper add vegetable flavour to this salmon recipe for baby. Suitable from 10 months.

44. Sweet Potato Pancakes


Sweet potatoes and a sprinkly of nutmeg make these pancakes naturally sweet. Suitable from 10 months.

45. Superhero soup


The superhero in this soup is all the nutrients! Butternut squash and carrots combine in this tasty recipe. Suitable from 10 months.

46. Spinach and Parmesan spaghetti


Spinach has vitamins A & E amongst a host of other nutrient. This pasta recipe is a meal time staple. Suitable from 10 months.

47. Rainbow pepper chicken


Red, yellow and green peppers pack in the nutrient to make this chicken recipe a colourful meal option. Suitable from 10 months.

48. Chunky vegetable chicken


Butternut squash, carrots and peas make this chicken and rice dish perfect for baby and the rest of the family. Suitable from 10 months.

49. Carrot and courgette muffins


Filling, nutritious, savoury muffins, flavoured with carrot and courgette. Suitable from 11 months.

50. Oatcakes with vegetable dip


Creamy vegetable dip is a perfect accompaniment to oatcakes. Finger food just got real veggie! Suitable from 11 months.