All about baby nutrition

What nutrients are best for your baby and which foods can help him grow? Here's all you need to know about baby nutrition


In the first year

As your baby grows in her first year, it’s important to know what nutrition she’ll need as you wean her from milk to solids. We explain the different fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals your baby will need, what her daily intake should be and why they are important.

Milk is so important to your baby’s nutrition

Milk matters

Milk is still important to your baby, whether you’re weaning her or if she’s enjoying three meals a day. Milk contains lots of essential vitamins, including calcium, protein and vitamin’s A and B12, which are important for growing babies’ nutrition.

Vitamin C can help fight infections and keep your baby healthy

Is your baby getting enough Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for baby nutrition, fighting infections and helping to keep your little one healthy. There are many ways you can give your baby his vitamin C supply, through many different fruits and vegetables and some fruit juices. But do you know the recommended daily amount (RDA) of vitamin C for your child? And can you ever have too much?

How much salt is too much?

Giving salt to your baby

We know that too much salt in your baby’s diet can be harmful. It can also be confusing to know how much salt your baby needs as he grows. We give you advice on how to make food tasty without adding salt, how you can reduce salt intake and give you guidelines of how much salt your little one should have.

Does your baby need vitamin supplements?

Does your baby need vitamin supplements?

Are you worried that while weaning your baby she won’t be getting all the nutrition she needs? You may also be concerned if your little one’s a fussy eater or has been unwell, meaning he might have been picky with his eating habits. We give you advice on giving your baby vitamin supplements.

What foods will boost your baby’s energy?

Baby energy foods

Your baby needs the right nutrition to help him grow – but what foods are best to help boost his energy? Porridge, oily fish and blueberries are known to be great energy foods but what are the foods to avoid?

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