Baby feeding tips from our health visitor

Our health visitor discusses breast milk, teething and weaning, to arm you with all the info you need


Ways to help your little one get enough breast milk

  • Check attachment to the breast. Get advice from a breastfeeding supporter or visit if you’re not sure what to look for.
  • Feed on her terms. In the early days this may be 12 times a day, possibly more.
  • Stop when she’s finished. Often babies ‘comfort suck’ at the end of the feed, when fat-rich milk is taken.
  • Change pace. During growth spurts, babies feed more frequently.
  • Go au naturel. Skin-to-skin contact helps calm babies and promotes milk production.

Ways to get through teething time

  • Top up fluids. Teething’s often accompanied by excessive dribbling, so make sure your baby gets the fluids she’s lost again.
  • Read the label. There are some gels that can help – remember to check which are right for her age group.
  • Deliver extra hugs. Skin-to-skin contact and keeping your baby close when she’s uncomfortable can help soothe discomfort.
  • Cool teething rings in the fridge. The cold helps combat gum swelling.
  • Take her temperature. If it’s high it could mean something else is wrong, not just teething, and you need to see the GP.

Steps to smooth weaning

  • Get creative with recipes so he tries lots of new flavours, and notice what he likes the most.
  • Always stir food before serving to eliminate any dangerous hot spots.
  • Use two spoons (one for you, one for your baby) to stop him grabbing the one with the food on.
  • Add props – he’ll love holding and sucking on a steamed carrot baton.
  • Wipe mucky hands and face just once at the end of a meal so you don’t put him off eating halfway through.

Tips for healthy weaning

  • Always wash your hands before preparing food and feeding your little one.
  • Clean your baby’s hands and teach her about hand hygiene from the start.
  • Cover cooked and raw meats and keep them separate in the fridge.
  • Always use different chopping boards when preparing mean and veggies to avoid cross contamination.
  • Reheat food until it is piping hot, before letting it cool down to the right temperature.

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