Introducing new weaning foods – one mum’s story

One of our Weaning Village mums, Kate, explains how she went from mashed banana to garlic mushrooms on toast - in a letter to her daughter


Dearest Flo,


You are definitely my daughter – you love your food. The early days were a little hit and miss, but now, at times, your dad and I can’t feed you quickly enough!

As I really enjoy cooking, I always thought I’d be an “earth-mother” and cook all your food from scratch – and I did at the beginning, but I am not convinced you were sure of the flavours or textures. And we were so busy moving house, changing jobs and going on holiday that I just didn’t have time.

Your first ever solid food (at 6-months-old) was baby porridge with expressed milk, quickly followed by mashed banana. This seemed to go well – then we went on holiday for a week and I’m sorry to say you ate nothing but breast-milk, mashed banana and a little ice cream. Once home, I did try you with broccoli, sweet potato, creamed sweetcorn – and other such sweet vegetables, mixed with a bit of cream cheese – but nothing seemed to really grab your attention. I knew I needed to get some protein into your diet, so I turned to the trusty jars.

I have, however, dabbled with a few homemade concoctions: scrambled eggs with veg and cheese; creamy garlic mushrooms on toast; stewed rhubarb with ginger. I made these as I wanted to introduce new/stronger flavours into your diet and because I want you to enjoy the food we eat as a family soon.

The next flavours I’d like you to try are Indian spices and some more fresh herbs like basil and thyme. Once I have mastered cooking with these flavours, I’ll write you an update, my darling.

Happy eating!

All my love,


Mum xxx


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