Your daily feeding plans from 10 to 11 months

Your baby is becoming a more sophisticated eater by the day, and the last few months of his first year will see him upping his solid intake and drinking less milk


Feeding your 10 month old

By 10 months old, your baby’s appetite is likely to be increasing, especially if he’s becoming mobile, so up the quantities you give him at mealtimes, and move towards more grown-up tastes. Now he’s burning more energy, you may need to introduce a morning snack – probably after his nap – as well as a snack during the afternoon. Milk intake varies at this age; he should still be having around three feeds a day, but he may not want a full bottle or breastfeed each time. If he’s drinking less milk, offer water with meals and snacks too.


Show me day-to-day meal planners for 10 months old

Feeding your baby at 11 months

The rate at which your baby drops his milk feeds will depend on his appetite for solids and his enthusiasm for milk. He should still be having 500ml (almost a pint) of formula or regular breastfeeds, but he may now be able to wait until breakfast for his first feed of the day, rather than needing it as soon as he wakes. He may also drop the mid-afternoon feed, or the one at teatime – be guided by him. At this age, you can start to offer some simple family foods with baby-friendly textures, like shepherd’s pie – and make sure that he has a healthy snack both morning and afternoon to keep him going between meals.


Show me day-to-day weekly meal planners for 11 months old

Remember, all babies progress at different rates. This meal planner is intended as a guide, but be led by your own child’s age, stage of development and appetite, especially when it comes to dropping milk feeds. Mix and match meals from across the planner to give your baby a wide variety of foods; although we’ve shown a different meal idea for every day of the week, it’s perfectly okay to cook a batch of food and give it to him on two or three occasions throughout the week. If you have any concerns about your baby’s diet, speak to your health visitor.

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