Get your toddler to try new foods

Ideas and help with toddler feeding.


The Dos and Don’ts of offering new foods:



…offer one new food at a time so your toddler isn’t overwhelmed

…serve one favourite food with one new food. This may tempt your toddler to try something different

…give them a new food to try when you know your toddler is hungry

…praise your toddler when he tries a new food. Toddlers respond positively to praise and will be more likely to try new foods in the future


…make a big deal of a new food. Simply place it on the dinner table along with everything else

…present the new food in large quantities. Offer your toddler a taste, and if he does like it, then he can always have some more

…mix a new food in with an old favourite – chances are your toddler will reject them both

…give up on a new food just because your toddler rejects it. It can take as many as 10 attempts

Prima Baby tip:

Encourage your toddler to be more adventurous with food with a fun Exploring New Foods chart (you can download and print this by clicking the blue ‘click it out’ button at the bottom of the page).

Simply draw 10 columns on a sheet of paper and in the first column write the name or draw a picture the new food your toddler will be exploring. In columns two to nine draw the senses your toddler will use:

Eye (sight); Nose (smell); Hand (touch); Ear (sounds food can make like snap or crunch); Mouth (feel); Tongue (taste); Teeth (chewing).

Finally add an arrow pointing downwards to signal that your toddler has swallowed the food.


Tick each column with your toddler as they explore each new food, and in the last column add a smiley face if the experiment was a success!


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