How can I get my child to eat more meat and fish?

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Often, it’s the texture of meat and fish that is off-putting, rather than the taste, so start by offering mild fish and easier to digest white meat such as chicken, and experiment with ground, minced or flaked chicken or fish. At first, introduce small amounts with the bulk of the plate being vegetables.


Sometimes, combining meat or fish with a sauce or mixing in with vegetables can make it more palatable to your child. A bit of subterfuge can be a good way to get her to eat more meat and fish without realising it so she gets the necessary nutrients, but try to get her used to eating them in their pure form, too – try adding tasty seasoning, or get her involved in the cooking, for example by making her own wraps or tacos with chicken and vegetables.

Fussy eaters often prefer meat and fish in child-friendly forms like fish fingers or chicken nuggets, and these can be good ways of getting protein into your child. However, some readymade products can be poor quality and high in salt, so if possible, try to make your own, or buy good quality products with decent ingredients.

If your child is particularly reluctant to eat meat or fish, bear in mind that there are other good sources of protein, such as eggs, pulses and beans.


Answered by: Ceri Morgan and Ann Souter, nutritional therapists,

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