When your baby dislikes water

Some babies may find water boring, but keep trying! Our nutritionist shares her tips to encourage your little one to drink water


1) Put the water in a cup rather than a bottle. If your baby’s used to having warm milk in a bottle, she might not like finding cold water in there instead.


2) Offer her water on a spoon or from an open cup to get her used to the lack of flavour.

3) Give her foods that have plenty of water in them, such as pears, melon, cucumber
and tomatoes.

4) If your little one likes milk, then try adding a bit of water to her bottle of milk.

5) Keep trying. Don’t be tempted to give up and offer fruit juice instead, as it’ll be very hard to switch to plain water later.


Did you know…

Bottled water can be unsuitable for babies because of the high mineral levels. Check that sodium (salt) content is less than 200mg per litre.

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