When your baby won’t drink milk

Our nutritionist gives you some ideas on how to get your little one loving calcium


1) Cows’ milk can be used in cooking for babies over 6 months, but not as a drink until he’s 12 months, as it has too much salt and not enough iron. If your baby’s over 6 months, try formula milk.


2) If your baby’s over 6 months and you’re moving from breastfeeding to bottlefeeding but he doesn’t want to take formula in a bottle, try a using a cup or beaker instead.

3) Breakfast cereal will soak up milk if you leave it for a few minutes so sneak in milk this way.

4) Cook dishes that have milk in them, such as mashed potato, macaroni cheese and fish in white sauce.


5) Give your baby full-fat dairy products every day, including yoghurt and fromage frais for breakfast or as a pudding, and cubes of cheese as a snack.

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