When your baby won’t eat fruit

Our nutritionist shares her tips on how to get your little one enjoying fresh fruit


1) If your baby likes cereal or porridge, get creative and try mixing mashed banana or apple purée in with it.


2) Use fruit purée as a dip. Your little one can pop breadsticks, scone fingers or bits of toast in it.

3) If your tot’s not keen on the fresh stuff, try dried fruit like raisins, apricots or prunes. Offer them as a snack or add to scones or porridge.

4) Add a little bit of fruit to savoury dishes, such as chopped dried apricots in a chicken casserole.

5) If your baby’s teething, very cold fruit can help relieve sore gums. Freeze half a peeled banana or put fruit purée in a mould to make ice-lollies.


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