15 beef, pork and lamb recipes for babies

Baby-friendly meat dishes offering a healthy alternative to chicken


Once you’re beyond the first weeks of weaning, meat becomes an important element of your baby’s diet. Most mums start by introducing chicken, as its mild flavour tends to be appealing to newly weaned babies. But from there, you can move on to other meats, such as pork, beef, lamb and turkey. All types of meat are a good source of protein, needed for your baby’s growth and development, but red meat is also high in iron, which your baby needs for energy.


The texture of meat can be challenging for young babies, especially those without teeth, so you’ll want to choose tender cuts, cook it until it’s soft, and, most likely, puree it to a consistency that is easy to eat. And while it’s great to introduce your baby to a variety of meat dishes, avoid giving salty meats such as bacon, ham and sausages to under-ones, as their kidneys aren’t yet able to process salt.

Recipes for first weaning

Fruity pork and vegetables – apricots lend a fruity flavour to this vegetable-packed dish.

Recipes for your 7-9 month old

Pork and apple stew – this delicious stew is full of veggies.

Pork and green beans – try using sweet potato for extra flavour.

Pasta carbonara – a take on the Italian classic that perfect for your baby.

Spaghetti bolognese – use scissors to cut the spaghetti into small pieces.

Lancashire hotpot – the whole family can enjoy this traditional dish made from stewing lamb.

Recipes for your 9-12 month old

Slow cooked beef stew – this slow cooked recipe will make the stewing steak extra tender.

Pork and paprika – this spicy dish is full of flavour.

Lamb rice casserole – this recipe is incredibly quick and easy, and delicious for baby, children and adults alike.

Baked egg with cheese, tomato and ham – this egg-based dish makes a great breakfast or lunch.

Fruity turkey with couscous – mango and lemon pack a punch in this fruity recipe.

Shepherd’s pie – add extra veggies to this traditional family favourite.

Pork, orange and apricot stew – a fruity dish ready in less than 10 minutes.

Minty lamb stew – use a lamb neck fillet for this tasty stew.

Baby beef and broccoli stir-fry – there’s 5 different veggies in this quick and easy stir-fry.


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