Ideas for baby weaning recipes

Find weaning ideas for first purees, early mealtimes and moving on to lumps, solids and expanding your baby’s foods


Getting your baby to enjoy food can be fun, experimental and messy! We’ve got loads of tasty, colourful and fun weaning recipes that will help make it as easy as possible.


Just starting out? Check out our video on how to start weaning. And find out what you need to buy to get pureeing (plus some cute feeding wear for your tot too!).

When you’re ready, try our day-by-day guide for the first four weeks, and if you’re having troubles, check out our tips for fussy eaters and tots with special diets.

Then the fun really begins with these great recipes:

Try some of our popular purees suitable from six months. Introduce fruit and veg in a fun way with colourful concoctions such as butternut squash and banana. Get him chomping on his greens with tasty treats such as this parsnip and pea puree.

More weaning recipes

For pud, try some fruity desserts such as this summer berry puree or avocado and pear, both great from six to nine months and getting in lots of new tastes and colours.

Or indulge his sweet tooth naturally with these desserts:

From nine months, things can get even really interesting with pasta, meat and chunkier foods on the menu. Is your baby unsure about his lumps? Find out more on when and how to introduce lumps and textures.

Rushed off your feet? There are some recipes that introduce pre-made sauces, such as turkey stir-fry and chicken curry, which are both suitable from 7 months.


For more inspiration, and ideas for older babies and toddlers, check out our complete recipe list and you’ll find plenty of dishes your baby will love. Good luck!


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