Matthew Broderick: Beating the paparazzi

Actor spills the secrets of life as an A-list school run dad

Life can’t be easy with new twins, a 7-year-old who needs to get to school and the ever-present paparazzi, but actor, Matthew Broderick, has revealed a pretty calm approach to the paps in New York.


“What I try to do consciously, if I can, is to not lose my temper or anything like that, because I don’t want James to think it’s dangerous or be scared.”

But he has high hopes the celeb scene will have calmed down once 6-month-old twins, Marion Loretta and Tabitha Hodge, are up and running round, admitting, “It can feel scary, guys running with big backpacks and throwing their bikes in the street and pointing their long lens, but it’ll play out eventually. I’m hoping things will cool down by the time the twins are out and about.”


However the famous twins are already getting in on the Hollywood act, with mum, Sarah Jessica Parker, taking the two newbies onto the set of Sex and the City 2 at just 3 months!

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