Everything you need to know about feeding your toddler

From introducing new foods to encouraging table manners, we'll guide you through this exciting stage of feeding your child


What to feed your toddler

Ready to move on from mush? Before you start, make sure you know what’s safe to feed your toddler, and what’s not, as well as which exciting new tastes you can introduce to his diet. We’ve got 41 fantastic toddler recipes to tempt his developing tastebuds, advice on moving on to family meals, plus ideas for healthy snacks. We’ll also help you get to grips with what your toddler should be drinking, and how and when to introduce cow’s milk.

Most toddlers start to eat independently by using their hands

Independent eating

Beyond his first birthday, you’ll want to encourage your toddler to start eating independently. He’ll go through lots of milestones as he learns to feed himself, including beginning to use cutlery and mastering some basic table manners. And check out our guide to involving him in family meals, and whether you should expect him to clear his plate.

A funky cup will encourage your toddler to drink more water

Must-have toddler feeding kit

As your toddler grows, you’ll want to rethink what equipment you need for mealtimes. You might want to move from a highchair to a booster seat so he can join you at the table, and he’ll also need some easy-to-hold cutlery, some extra-large bibs and an appealing cup or beaker. We’ve also rounded up some handy snack pots for eating on the go, and the best food games and toys to fuel his enthusiasm for food.

Vegetable dips are a great way to get your toddler to eat his five-a-day

Your toddler’s nutrition

We all want to make sure our toddlers get the nutrients they need, so let us guide you through helping him to get his five-a-day, when you should give him a vitamin supplement, and what to do if you’re worried  he’s overweight. Find out why it’s important that he still drinks milk, and read our health visitor’s answers to your toddler nutrition queries.

Fussiness is common as you enter the toddler stage

Fighting fussy eating

The toddler stage often marks the start of fussy eating, but why does it happen, and when is it a serious problem? How you handle fussiness can affect how quickly it passes, so read our 10 tips for beating fussy eating, hints on getting your tot to eat his greens, and how to avoid mealtime battles. And if your toddler needs a little extra incentive, take your pick from our books for fussy eaters, and find out how a reward chart could help.

Food allergies can trigger symptoms such as breathing difficulties

Toddlers with special diets

If your toddler has a food allergy, working out what to feed him can be a challenge. We’ll help you spot the symptoms of a food allergy, and talk you through what to do if your tot is allergic to cow’s milk, egg, wheat or soya. We’ve also got guidance on feeding a child with eczema or asthma, and bringing your toddler up on a healthy vegetarian diet.

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