Kickstart good eating habits

Three golden rules to boost your child's concentration and energy levels.


What you feed your children can have a very positive affect on their health, behaviour, learning and happiness, according to leading nutritionist Patrick Holford, who is Chief Executive for the Food for the Brain Foundation.


By selecting the right foods to put in your supermarket trolley, you can help maximise your child’s potential, and start good eating habits which will stay with them for life.

The Food for the Brain Foundation has been helping schools and parents improve children’s nutrition, producing some significant results. Everything that has been learned has been combined into an easy-to-digest guide for parents, which gives lots of ideas for ‘smart’ foods to buy which can be used to create healthy breakfasts, packed lunches and snacks.

The Smart Food Smart Kids Shopping Guide leaflet is available to download from

Parents can also test their child’s diet and performance with a free online profile that gives personalised advice on simple changes to make to maximise your child’s potential.

The guide also covers the three golden rules parents should follow to help maintain their child’s concentration and energy levels:

  • Reduce sugar and refined food content
  • Up intake of vitamins, minerals and essential fats
  • Increase fruit and vegetables

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