What toddlers hate eating

Got a fussy toddler? You are not alone!


Research shows that 40% of toddlers are picky eaters.


So what don’t toddlers like? Green vegetables got the thumbs down most frequently amongst babies and toddlers, with 34% refusing to eat them.

The other main food dislikes were savoury foods (20%), meat (13%), lumpy foods (12%) and fruit (10%). Around 11% of parents said their little one was a picky eater with almost all foods offered.

The research comes from a survey of 250 mothers of babies aged 6-18 months, on behalf of Nurture Toddler Milk from Heinz.

‘Having a good balanced diet is really important for toddlers. Not only are they growing quickly but their new found independence means that they’re running around burning up lots of energy.

‘Toddlers need around 500ml of milk a day and by giving your toddler a specially enriched milk rather than cow’s milk, parents can have the peace of mind that their child is getting the more of the nutrients they need.


‘This is particularly helpful where your toddler has a small appetite for food or is a picky eater, ‘ advises Claire Baseley, Heinz infant nutritionist.

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