Baby recipes for weaning week 1

Move your baby onto solids with baby rice and tasty first purees including apple, pear, sweet potato, carrot and butternut squash


Week 1 recipes

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OK, here we go – it’s time to start weaning! When you begin, you’re simply introducing your baby to the idea of having something other than milk.

Best to start with mild tastes. With its familiar milky taste, baby rice makes an excellent starter dish. As the days go by, introduce simple fruit and vegetable purees. We recommend lunchtime as the best time to start your baby’s meals – she should be sufficiently hungry but not too tired to eat. 

Don’t be surprised if your baby takes a while to get used to this new world of slightly solid food. The world of flavours is brand new and can take some getting used to. Alternatively, you may find your baby gobbles the lot. All babies are different and, as with everything, yours will take things at her own pace.

For each week, we’ve made things easier by putting together a shopping list of what you need to make the following 7 recipes. 

Week 1: Shopping List

Fruit – 4 medium apples, 2 medium pears, 1 medium banana

Veg – 1 medium butternut squash, 350g carrots

Cupboard ingredients – Baby rice, olive oil.


Baby Rice

Prep time Under 10 minutes
Meal type First food

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Apple Puree

Prep time Under 10 minutes
Meal type First food

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Pear Puree

Prep time Under 10 minutes
Meal type First food


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Sweet Potato Puree

Prep time Under 10 minutes
Meal type First food

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