Week 1

Now your baby is 11 months old, you should be able to give him or her chopped up meals. Encourage your baby to cope with larger lumps and chewing chunky textures. It's a great time to introduce your baby to family meals that everyone can share - we've got some tasty recipes here...


Cheese, onion and potato pie (pictured) - Creamy, cheesy potato pie great served with chunky bread soldiers.

Fruity turkey and couscous - Exotic turkey and cous cous dish with mango and lemon.

Aubergine and tomato bake - Aubergine, peppers, onion, potato and tomatoes make up this veggie-packed curry.

Savoury bread and butter pudding - Bacon, leeks and courgette baked between layers of bread.

More like this

Rigatoni with five-veg pasta sauce - Nutritious pasta dish packed with Mediterranean vegetables.

Baby kedgeree - A tasty mix of smoked haddock, eggs and a touch of curry powder.

Baked apple with raisins and fromage frais - Delicious baked apple recipe with raisins and cinnamon.


Week 2

Homemade chicken dippers with tomato sauce (pictured) - Crunchy oven-baked chicken pieces served with a tangy tomato sauce.

Tuna pasta bake - Tuna, cheese and sweetcorn pasta bake great served with a tomato and cucumber salad.

Vegetarian sausages - Cheese, leek and carrot sausages.

Mini cheese and tomato quiches - Freshly grated parmesan, cream and sweet baby tomatoes in a shortcrust pastry.

Superhero soup - Carrot and butternut squash soup, packed with vitamins.

Fruity chicken noodles - A colourful, high-flavour dish that can be fun to eat too.

Courgette frittata - Italian egg based dish, with plenty of veg and topped with cheese and herbs.


Week 3

Homemade breadsticks and hummus (pictured) - Great snack for all the family to enjoy.

Beef and broccoli stir-fry - Quick and easy minced beef stir fry with plenty of veg and protein for your little one.

Pasta with tomato and ricotta sauce - A delicious tomato and cheese sauce that's a big children's pasta favourite.

Mild chicken curry - Creamy coconut chicken curry with carrots and onion.

Cod creole - Serve this cod in slightly spicy sauce with a baked potato.

Easy potato wedges - Quick-and-easy potato wedges to go with your favourite seasoning.

Chicken stir fry - Nutritious and colourful stir fry packed with protein and veg.


Week 4

Vegetarian lasagne with green lentils (pictured) - Great vegetarian alternative to this italian classic with lentils for added protein.

Slow cooked beef stew - Melt in the mouth beef stew with parsley and thyme.

Homemade chicken nuggets - No added salt or fat makes these a much healthier protein dish than shop-bought.

Broccoli, pepper and cheese pasta bake - A healthy mix of fresh vegetables topped with cheese makes a delicious quick meal.

Minced lamb pasta bake - Baked lamb dish which replaces pasta sheets with slices of tomato for a healthier alternative to lasagne.

Mini chicken burgers - These chicken burgers are delicious served with potato wedges.

Tuna fishcakes - Healthy, simple fishcake recipe with potatoes, tuna and peas.


Week 5

Easy chicken curry (pictured) - Creamy chicken korma with onion and peas.

Quesadilla fingers - Tasty vegetable filled tortilla's topped with cheese, make for a tasty lunch.

Simple meatloaf - Nutritious, easy-to-make dish, simply mix all ingredients together and pop in the oven!

Chicken and mushroom pancakes - A fun way for children to enjoy chicken in a creamy pancake.

Vegetarian nuggets - Make vegetables fun in these nutritious bite-size nuggets.

Carrot and courgette muffins - Nutritious savoury muffin with carrots, courgettes and oats.


Baked egg with cheese, tomato and ham - Protein packed dish with egg, tomato and ham.