10 of the best vegetarian baby recipes

Whether you're raising your little one as a veggie, or just fancy a change from meat, here's our pick of the best meat-free meals for tots


Cheesy broccoli and cauliflower puree

Perfect for newly weaned babies, this simple but tasty puree will boost your little one’s calcium intake and help him towards his five-a-day. Or cook it for the whole family – without pureeing – to serve alongside a roast dinner.


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Butternut squash and tomato cheesy rice

A delicious dish for the whole family, this easy one-pot risotto is ideal for getting your baby accustomed to more textured meals.

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Baby dhal with pitta

Lentils are a great staple food for your baby, being rich in both protein (needed for growth) and carbs (for energy). This curried lentil dish is mild and smooth enough for newly weaned babies; serve with strips of toasted pitta to encourage self-feeding.

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Rigatoni with five-veg sauce

As fast and healthy foods go, pasta is hard to beat. This tasty sauce, crammed with five different varieties of veg, will help a fussy eater to fill up on greens (and reds, and yellows…).

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Wholesome bean casserole

Packed with protein, this dish will keep your little one full of energy and help him grow. A yummy winter warmer, it can be pureed for weaning babies, or add a little chilli for a spicy twist for grown-ups.

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Oat cakes with creamy vegetable dip

As your baby starts taking more solids and drops milk feeds, you’ll need to replace bottle or breast with healthy snacks. This creamy dip with butternut squash and pepper will keep him going between meals; try serving with pitta fingers, breadsticks or vegetable crudites for variety.

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Vegetable lasagne with green lentils

A meat-free version of a perennial family favourite. Adding lentils makes it more filling and nutritious – perfect if you’re worried that your veggie baby is missing out on protein.

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Roasted vegetable kebabs

With a tasty sweet and sour marinade, these kebabs are great for a finger food tea, as an accompaniment to a meat dish, or even cooked on the barbecue. Try using different veggies to ring the changes.

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Mini jacket potatoes with ratatouille

Ratatouille makes a tasty topping for jacket spuds, and will help your tot on the way to his five-a-day. Top with lots of melty grated cheese for extra yum factor.

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Tortilla (Spanish omelette)

A quick, easy and nutritious family meal that’s surprisingly versatile: serve it hot with steamed veg, cold with a salad and mayo for dipping, or even cut into baby-sized chunks for perfect picnic finger food. Remember to cook eggs thoroughly if you’re serving it to a baby under 12 months.


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