Evil baby glare-off 2013: the results

Winner of (fun) angry-baby face-off announced


They’re small but they’re (hilariously) scary! These babies’ fiercest glares have been delighting folk all over the world as they flock to vote for the top “evil baby glare-off” of 2013.


Every year, as a bit of fun, blogger Ilana Wiles invites mums to share photos of their baby’s fiercest glare.

And followers then vote for the most fearsome baby face as the pictures are pitted against each other in pairs, until eventually a winner emerges.

The winner of 2013’s contest crew was little Sydney (pictured, wrapped in the pink blanket, above) – whose mum had the most amazingly heart-warming tale of “the truth behind the glare” to tell.

“Sydney was born with a very serious heart defect,” says her mum Meg, “and had a heart transplant last year. She’s doing incredibly well – mostly because she’s a fighter and can get through anything the world throws at her.

That evil-glare photo was taken during one of her many in-patient stays. She used it often to scare off doctors and nurses!

“This contest has been so much fun. The comments have kept us crying with laughter since it started. Any time I can show off my feisty lil’ super hero is a great day for me!”

How wonderful is that?

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